Haven’t blogged in a long time… But, tz1and.com deserves a huge shout out!!

After experimenting in eth, I stumbled upon H=N over a year ago. I was so excited to see affordable, amazing art because of Tezos. I could try to name all the incredible artists, but it would take forever so I won’t. Some artists have been around forever, some are new to NFTs.

Eventually, H=N rose to be the most popular NFT art platform, and some artists were flourishing. Then, all of a sudden it disappeared. Shut down. The story is a bit crzy, and you can find more about the story just by searching “hicetnunc.xyz”… After some time, H=N came back again right after the creation of teia.art.

I’m only writing to recap the history of H=N because I believe tz1and has created something on Tezos similar to H=N. It has all these artists wanting to earn a living, the models and architecture are amazing, and everyone is supporting each other! I should also give a nod to fxhash.xyz for helping pave the way for generative artists as well. These platforms and Versum.xyz helped bring us all to tz1and.

We also cannot forget the tz1and lead developer, Kerfunkle. Rarely do you see someone so dedicated to making a world accepting and accessible to everyone. If you want a metaverse on chain that has little barrier to entry, tz1and is it, and all the credit has to go to Kerfunkle. There is no question in my mind that everyone can come join tz1and to create, build, collect, and experience something so unique, you’ll believe in NFTs even as a disbeliever.

Yes, many may see it as a minecraft or a roblox game when you open the site up, but you have to look closer. This is the Decentraland or CV on Tezos. Period. So, if you want to experiment in minting and/or collecting on Tezos, you can even start with 5 tez or less! Imagine building on your own land, seeing sculptures, architecture, galleries, 3d models, and more. tz1and is definitely this Place. This is the metaverse that everyone can be a part of, and I hope you and others join us in the fun 🙂