Artificial Intelligence (AI) rewrites the Metamorphosis

OpenAI’s text editor is impressive but still requires some editing. Luckily, some of our founders write. In this case, we took a classic and applied OpenAI’s text generator. It’s a short story, much more brief than Franz Kafka’s version, and it steps through a modern day version of Gregor’s life. The ending is much more dramatic than the original. It is interesting to see how A.I. adapts stories and brings them to life. You will notice the characters are more modern with laptops and computers, but at the […]

Beautiful Incoherence – the 1st Sci-Fi Novel generated by Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)

One of our founders, R.M. Gonzales, has published the first ever Science Fiction novel generated by AI. R.M. admits that editing was needed, but nearly 100% of the text was generated by fine tuning OpenAI’s text generator. The 345M model was used because the 774M model is not supported for refinement on modern GPUs or TPUs, according to Google Colaboratory. The novel could well be considered a collection of short stories, and the fine tuning was established utilizing R.M.’s first novel, Holo.Wars: The Black Hats and public works. […]

Identifying Tuberculosis with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

We’ve started experimenting with AI, and it’s very interesting to see the results. The use case for this experiment is identifying TB based off of 100 images. Google’s AI platform is a decent but expensive platform. It costs nearly $200 to use their AutoML Vision Beta, but it’s worth it if you don’t want to deploy training Python algorithms on local or in the cloud. Essentially, you will use Google algorithms to train images, and it’s getting to be user friendly. We provided some feedback to them, but […]