First thing is first, you should take a look at the controls help in the bottom left. This has all the information you need to get around tz1and. If you want more tips and tricks on getting around tz1and, I’ve embedded Digital Coleman’s tutorial. Please also check out Digital Coleman’s art.

Sharing your place with someone is actually pretty easy. First, you will need to navigate to your place. I am on place 22. You can type the following URL in Chrome, FF, or Brave Also, you can replace the 22 in the URL to get to your place or any place in tz1and.

Once you Click to enter tz1and, and you verify you have full permissions on your place, you will need to press the P key in world.

This will bring up the “edit Place” popup. Here you can change the color of your place and edit “Permissions”.

To share your place with someone, follow these steps:

  1. Click the tab “Add Permissions”.
  2. Cut and paste the full tezos address of your fren in the “Permittee” box.
  3. Check the “Place Items” tick box.
  4. Click the “add Permissions” button.
  5. Click the “Confirm” button when your wallet comes up.

Once the transaction goes through, your fren can now put/swap pieces art on your place! Keep in mind, your fren will still receive all sales (minus the 2.5% that goes to tz1and) if they place items for sales. If your fren places items at 0 tez, items will not be collectible, so it’s a good way to collab for an installation and show off each others’s works 🙂 And, you can do this for multiple frens too.

I have not given modify all or full permissions on my place yet, but if for example you are not using your place for art, I highly suggest sharing it will someone to place and edit art.

Lastly, if you want to remove permissions, it’s on the “Remove Permissions” tab.

You simply add the full Tezos address in the “Permittee” box and click the “remove Permissions” button.

Click the “Confirm” button when your wallet comes up, and your fren’s permission will be removed. Repeat this process if you gave multiple frens permission.

If you didn’t see the other tz1and tutorials, please check them out here: