Digital Coleman does it again by providing a video tutorial for customizing your place in tz1and, so if you need more info and/or don’t want to read everything, watch the YT video!

After you navigate to, the first thing I like to do is hit settings. It’s the cog icon in the top left before you “Click to enter”. Once you hit the cog, you’ll see the next screen.

It’s really up to you, but I set my “Triangle limit” to 10000 and the Model file size to 25. In some cases, you may need to set them even higher to see some artists’ work in tz1and. Also in this case, I suggest checking “Display place bounds” since you are placing pieces.

Now, let’s put/swap the piece minted in the other tutorial. I have navigated to my place #22 by using the URL You can replace my number with yours to teleport to your place!!

  1. Once in your place, you need to make sure your have full permission. If you don’t, move around until you see it in the top left. I find it easiest to look down and move to the center of your place to see the popup in the top left of your screen.

2. Once you know you have permission, push the I key to bring up your Inventory.

I am clicking the box “AI thinks this…” Note: The airplane icon allows you to send pieces to someone, and the trash can lets you burn pieces.

3. You should now see your piece on your place.

“Rustic Gallery” ( by dayoung.ko is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution ( This 3d gallery is being used to showcase my personal AIart pieces and is not being sold on tz1and or on Tezos despite being shown on secondary markets.

Okay, I made that look too easy. You may see a red bounded box, which means the piece doesn’t fit within your place boundaries.

Try to move it around in your space by dragging the mouse. Mouse scroll up or down to make the piece move up or down. Use R and F keys to scale it. You can even use 1-6 keys to rotate and tilt! All these keys are found in “Settings help” in the bottom left when hitting “esc”.

4. If you made it this far, you are doing well!! Once your art is positioned how you like it, click and price your piece(s). Remember, if you just want to display the piece, price it at 0 tez. It won’t be collectible. If you want to give it away, set the price greater than 0 ie 0.00001 tez

5. Click the “place item” button and your wallet will come up.

6. Click the “Confirm” button.

7. After you have placed your item, you will need to press U to save the item to your place. Your wallet will appear again to save and your piece will show in tz1and 🙂

Please note: If you are placing several items, it’s best to place multiple items at one time to save on gas, and I like press U to save periodically if I’m moving many things around.

Extra note: If you want to delete items, point at the item and press delete. For Mac users, fn+delete. In order for that item to return to your inventory, you have to press the U key to save to the world.

Up next, sharing your place with someone in tz1and 🙂