Digital Coleman does a great job explaining minting on YT, so if you don’t want to read through this all or need more info, it’s all explained!

There are actually two ways to mint on Minting on the main page is actually easier on your machine if you have an older one like I do. You can bring up the same popup window in world by pushing the M key, but if your machine is as old as mine, your fan will be running while you are minting haha

1. Assuming you understand the basics of the Tezos ecosystem, once you connect your Tezos wallet, you can click the “Mint” menu item to get to the page shown below.

2. Next, you “Choose File”. Please note only .glb models are supported, but self-contained .gltf files will also work. Please also note that the soft triangle limit is 5172 and soft size limit is 6Mb. If you’d like more people to see your work, keep below this limit. You can mint higher triangles and larger files, but users will have to adjust their settings to see these pieces in world. See the placing tutorial page for more information on settings.

3. Add a title, description, and tags. Please note that tags are separated by semi-colons.

4. Add an amount of pieces you would like to mint. In the case above, Pak is a 1/1 piece, but you can do 5 for 5/5 pieces, 10 for 10/10 pieces… up to 10000 pieces. If you minted NFTs before, you will already understand this concept.

5. Add your royalty percentage – This means you will receive 10% if a collector sells your piece to someone else. If you don’t plan to sell the piece and just want to showcase it on a place, you can put 0% to save on gas.

6. Click the “mint item” button.

6. You should see your wallet popup to confirm the transaction. Click “confirm” and your piece is minted on tz1and!

Next up, read placing your items in tz1and to learn about your inventory and adding art to your place!!