, NFTs and the future Metaverse?


EthRecords is a minted public domain and creative commons music initiative. All LPs will have information about the music minted. Full disclosure: I am not connected to the symphonies, orchestras, bands or non-profits listed, but I am a lover of music, arts, non-profits and open source. My hope is that this project will generate enough to donate to the arts, artists, and non-profits that bring Art to the world, helping with sustainability. We will always need art through challenging times and during the good times as well.

TOO LONG version

I have decided to try something different. Although I wish I was, some of you may have noticed that I am not an artist. I always wanted to be an artist or a musician from a younger age. I love CryptoArt and art in general, and I think NFTs will bring a Renaissance as many have said.

I am also not a developer, but I love technology, including AI, blockchain, open source, and more.

It is an interesting time in history. A pandemic has kept us from loved ones, but NFTs with art has inspired new collectors like me and has brought artists the exposure they deserve… maybe, we all want to connect and be creative because we need it more than ever…

No matter the reason, I hope all Arts flourish fairly during this time, with technology supporting it infinitely and indefinitely.

To celebrate Eth’s recent ATH, I want to bring EthRecords to the world. If you look closely at my collections, it can be AI, public domain modified art, or creative commons adapted works. I really want open source and NFTs to merge in some way, but also, highlight the Arts and showcase the sharing of creatives and its importance.

I think it is very critical to the Universe, not just the Metaverse, to support non-profit arts and their missions. Education, museums, libraries… have always attempted to share with us knowledge and learning for free. But, we have to continue to help them. We donate if we can, collectors share with museums, musicians have fundraisers… With blockchain and NFTs, a new model can form to help the Arts and non-profits, and my goal with this project is to hopefully give back to the Arts and bring more exposure to music with technology and other genres across the globe.

I know, you don’t know me. I am anon… But my heart is driven by my children and their future. I wasn’t given the chance to pursue the Arts. I want my children and other children to have this chance if they choose.

Since there’s been anons disappearing, some feel NFTs are a scam, Chubbies NFTs were stolen art, you’ve read this far, so you can dig deeper into the rabbit hole if you like. I’ve struggled with “success,” and the main reason I’ve wanted to remain anon is to protect my family if I were to achieve “success.” But what is success really? In traditional terms, I thought I was ngmi, but honestly, I think I have succeeded already with my family, so this can story can fade into the Ether if need be…

For complete transparency, I have been bootstrapping for a while, and I do have a day job… Another reason, my moonlight projects stay anon. My day job would never support my ideas unfortunately.

In 2010, I started a 501(c)3 non-profit called iGetcha A Nonprofit Corporation. I’ve made $0 due to too many failed ideas/projects. My life partner hates that I’ve explored alternative ways (NFTs included) to fulfill my dreams and the dreams of my children. I also have a LLC, founded in 2017 officially, that has made $0 *sigh* despite what the Internet writes online. But, I am trying with at least a Twitter account @spacegoodies reaching 12.3k followers. (I am surprised thousands have not dropped following me.) The Twitter account of SpaceGoodies LLC reached this level of following due to another failed idea – drone delivered cannabis in New Jersey. Legalization in NJ did not happen until 2020 so we had to pivot, drone airspace was restricted, and 1 of 3 partners left for another startup.

If you feel the need to know more, please Google my non-profit and/or DM me on Twitter @spacegoodies I am happy to spill my guts.