Sharing your place with someone in tz1and

First thing is first, you should take a look at the controls help in the bottom left. This has all the information you need to get around tz1and. If you want more tips and tricks on getting around tz1and, I’ve embedded Digital Coleman’s tutorial. Please also check out Digital Coleman’s art. Sharing your place with someone is actually pretty easy. First, you will need to navigate to your place. I am on place 22. You can type the following URL in Chrome, FF, or Brave Also, you […]

Placing your items in tz1and

After you navigate to, the first thing I like to do is hit settings. It’s the cog icon in the top left before you “Click to enter”. Once you hit the cog, you’ll see the next screen. It’s really up to you, but I set my “Triangle limit” to 10000 and the Model file size to 25. In some cases, you may need to set them even higher to see some artists’ work in tz1and. Also in this case, I suggest checking “Display place bounds” since you […]

Minting on

There are actually two ways to mint on Minting on the main page is actually easier on your machine if you have an older one like I do. You can bring up the same popup window in world by pushing the M key, but if your machine is as old as mine, your fan will be running while you are minting haha 1. Assuming you understand the basics of the Tezos ecosystem, once you connect your Tezos wallet, you can click the “Mint” menu item to get […] – 3d modeling, sculptures, architecture, art, Tezos, and NFTs

Haven’t blogged in a long time… But, deserves a huge shout out!! After experimenting in eth, I stumbled upon H=N over a year ago. I was so excited to see affordable, amazing art because of Tezos. I could try to name all the incredible artists, but it would take forever so I won’t. Some artists have been around forever, some are new to NFTs. Eventually, H=N rose to be the most popular NFT art platform, and some artists were flourishing. Then, all of a sudden it disappeared. […]