OpenAI’s text editor is impressive but still requires some editing. Luckily, some of our founders write. In this case, we took a classic and applied OpenAI’s text generator.

It’s a short story, much more brief than Franz Kafka’s version, and it steps through a modern day version of Gregor’s life. The ending is much more dramatic than the original.

It is interesting to see how A.I. adapts stories and brings them to life. You will notice the characters are more modern with laptops and computers, but at the same time, the story references the “State” and even cites Law in the middle of the story. Strange? Yes. Relevant? Probably since OpenAI is mostly based on articles, the text generator obviously feels a need to provide facts.

See a preview of the short story here.

On a side note, one of the founders of SpaceGoodies LLC feels that AI can help combat Deepfakes and hopes that OpenAI starts helping with fact-checking, based on its algorithym.

If you have any questions or comments, please email dev [at] spacegoodies [dot] com